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Comrade Hostel
Maroseyka 11
3rd floor
Moscow Russia 101000
tel/fax: +7 499 709 87 60

Комрад Хостел
Маросейка 11
3й Этаж
Москва Россия 101000
Тел/факс: +7 499 709 87 60

We are located 300 meters from Kitay-Gorod Metro station, the transfer station between Orange and Purple metro lines.

Walking from metro
From metro station take MAPOCENKA street exit (look for the sign) and walk up Maroseyka street away from Kremlin. Be on the left hand side of the road. Walk past McDolanld's on your left and look for archways (tunnels) into courtyards - take SECOND left after McDonald's. You will see a small playground inside. In courtyard turn left and walk 50 meters straight- you'll see our sign near the brown door with the intercom in the left corner. Take the stairs to the 3rd floor. Walk from metro is 3 minutes.

If you exit the metro from the south side (the wrong) exit, walk up along with the boulevard on your left hand until you get to Maroseyka street and follow the directions above.

From the Airport
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Terminal 1 and 2
Take the bus (no. 851c, 28RUB, 40 minutes to two hours depending on traffic) to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station (Dark Green line north terminal) or the bus (no. 817, 28RUB, 40 minutes to two hours) to Planernaya metro station (Purple line north terminal). Shuttle buses (no. 949, 200M, 60RUB) from SVO to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station are much more faster. But the most comfortable way is to take an airport express train 'Aeroexpress' from SVO airport to the Belorusskiy metro station. (300RUB, 35 minutes, departs every 30 min). Then take metro to Kitay-Gorod station.

Domodedovo (DME)
Take the airport express train 'Aeroexpress' (300RUB, 40 to 50 minutes, departs every 30 min) to Paveletskaya metro station, the south transfer station between Dark Green and Brown circle lines. Then take metro to Kitay-Gorod station. You can also take shuttle buses (80RUB) from Domodedovo airport to Domodedovo metro station (Dark green line, south terminal).

Vnukovo (VKO)
Take the airport express train 'Aeroexpress' (300RUB, 30 to 40 minutes, departs every hour) to Kievskaya metro station, the west transfer station between Dark Blue, Blue and Brown circle lines.
Alternatively you can take the bus (no. 611c, 28RUB, 40 to 60 minutes) or shuttle bus (no.45, 100RUB, 20 to 30 minutes) from the airport to Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station (Red line south terminal). From Yugo-Zapadnaya, take metro to Lubyanka metro station (10th stop on the Red line), leave the platform from the front end of the train then walk down to Kitay-Gorod.

A taxi from any airports to the hostel will cost about 1500 RUB. If you need taxi service, we will be happy to arrange it for you. DO NOT catch taxi from the airports.

From Train stations
All train stations are located at various points around Moscow, but all are at metro stations. You only have to take metro to Kitay-Gorod metro station.

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  Maroseyka Street, 11, 3rd Floor, Moscow, Russia 101000
Tel/fax: +7 499 709 87 60, e-mail:
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